B E A C H   S O C I E T Y 

Interior  Design & Styling


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had wild imagination and a deep intrinsic love of design. Growing up in a home surrounded by beauty, as a little girl my weekends were spent ‘rearranging’ my room, reinventing a household item or drawing and painting.

My passion for interior design has grown through my deep innate love of designing, travelling and creating. I’m always thinking of new ways to design, new things to experience and new and inspiring spaces to create. From beautiful crisp white weatherboards to lush glossy green palms, I’m always finding organic beauty in unexpected places all around me.


My design identity embodies a modern Australian lifestyle, combining modern design with casual comfort and functionality. The spaces I design fuse relaxed sophistication with an eclectic oceanic influence. I love creating spaces that have strong contemporary bones, sleek lines and modular features and then layering that back with the natural, organic and effortless. It’s that ‘resort like’ feeling I’m always chasing in my designs.  


 Hire me

Our thoughtfully designed, dreamy Hawthorne House is available for location hire for film and photo shoots. 

Hire for a full or half day, get the creative juices flowing and bring your next project to life in this textural paradise!

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